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Order book doubles for Jetting Systems

By News

Salisbury-based company Jetting Systems is expanding its operations following a twofold increase in global orders for its specialist runway rubber removal vehicles.

The innovative truck-based system, called Osprey, is used by airports to remove the tyre rubber that is left on the runway when aircraft land. Over time, this creates a slippery surface which makes the runway dangerous for other aircraft.

The system removes the need for harmful chemicals by using ultra-high pressure water jets to remove the rubber, which is collected for safe disposal. It is also used for cleaning airfield lighting and removing runway and taxiway paint markings.

Jetting Systems is receiving considerable interest from around the world, with recent orders coming in from Turkey, Qatar and Hong Kong. As a result, the business has invested in its IT systems and facilities and added additional designers and production staff, with more recruitment underway.

“Recent orders go to prove how good Osprey is for airports, and we expect yet more orders to follow”, says Simon Carling, Managing Director, “This is good news for our area and British engineering.”