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Jetting Systems is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-pressure water jet cleaning machines for rubber removal and line marking removal for airports and highways. With customers world-wide, we offer the best solutions for high-pressure water jet removal of rubber deposits from airport runways and paint line marking removal from runways, taxiways and aprons. In highways applications, we are able to offer solutions for road marking removal, re-texturing and cleaning of porous asphalt.

Experts in high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure equipment


Rubber and paint removal

Fast and efficient removal of rubber deposits without damaging the surface or airfield ground lighting.


Paint removal and retexturing

Road marking removal, surface retexturing and spill recovery.


Osprey - rubber and paint removal for airports and highways

The Osprey rubber and paint removal system offers two removal methods. The linear unit allows fast operation, whilst the lateral unit uses precision servos to automatically clean widths between 300mm and 2300mm. This offers a deeper level of cleaning and hence increases the time needed between operations.

Both methods use only ultra-high pressure water jets (800-2,800 bar), delivered to the pavement through a spray bar rotating at up to 3000rpm. No abrasives, chemicals or additives are used in the process, which leaves the surface dry and waste material returned to a tank for safe disposal.

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Delivering innovation across the world

Jetting Systems was established in 2003 and has experience specialising in the field of high and ultra-high-pressure water jet cleaning systems since 1982. We employ a dedicated team of professionals whose combined experience in this field exceeds 100 years.

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Latest News


Rubber removal at Pudong Airport

Article from the Civil Aviation News of China about our new Osprey runway rubber removal vehicle at Pudong Airport, Shanghai.

Third Machine Leaves for Vietnam

Jetting Systems now have machines in all 3 major airports!

Another arrival into the yard

Machine will be dedicated to line marking removal on highways around the U.K.