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One of the four Osprey rubber removal systems commissioned in the last three months of 2019 was Sudan, where our team of engineers worked closely with local partners ‘ALDAR for Contracting’ to set up the machine and train local operators and maintainers.

Sudan Osprey

This is the culmination of four years of talks and proposals, during which time the rubber deposits on Khartoum International Airport runway built up, decreasing surface friction dramatically.  We are very grateful to ALDAR for contracting and our other partners around the world for all their support in realising these projects and for their determination in overcoming barriers along the way.

The Osprey machine uses only ultra-high pressure water to remove the rubber deposits without damaging the asphalt surface.  Friction values were measured pre- and post- rubber removal and they were found to have trebled while removing very heavy rubber deposits, dramatically increasing the safety of aircraft using this important international and regional hub.