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Not lost in translation

We are delighted to share the highlights from an article in the ‘Civil Aviation News of China’ praising the efficiency and combined functionality of our Osprey runway rubber removal vehicle delivered to China specifically Pudong Airport, Shanghai.

Translated highlights include:

Single truck mounted rubber removal unit is better than the previous team of people and three vehicles required to remove rubber deposits ensuring flight safety.

The new type of rubber removal vehicle can complete the rubber removal operation of a fleet of vehicles in a more efficient and shorter time with only a single vehicle and a single operator.

Like most domestic airports in China, Pudong Airport were using an ultra-high pressure water system on a rubber removal vehicle supported with lighting trucks and sweeping trucks (to clear debris) to act together, requiring multiple people and multiple vehicles.  The efficiency of the Osprey was praised as was the quality of the lighting system illuminating about one-third of the runway length and half of the runway width, essential for night-time operations.

The duration of runway closure and maintenance operations is greatly reduced. The newly developed software control system enabled full commissioning of the equipment from the UK with the expert assistance in China of the Jetting Systems partner Hwa Wei An Technology Company.  The Osprey vehicle will be fully employed for the foreseeable future removing rubber deposited over the last ten years on runways two and three.

Jetting Systems is proud to design and manufacture British equipment and export worldwide.

(Photos courtesy of Shanghai Pudong Airport)