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Osprey is the world’s most accurate and controlled runway rubber removal and paint removal system for airports. Whether a small regional airport or a major hub, we have solutions that save you money and keep you compliant.

What Osprey offers

Precision runway rubber removal

Osprey’s computer-controlled cleaning head delivers consistent and accurate performance, removing runway rubber, minimising environmental impact and driver fatigue.

  • Computer controlled for maximum rubber removal
  • Minimal human input required
  • Consistent performance with up to ±0.5mm accuracy
  • Operates in all conditions (-6°C to +50°C)
  • Multiple purpose – deep and rapid clean
  • Multiple locations – road legal models available
  • Environmentally friendly – no chemicals or abrasives
  • Reduced driver fatigue – low vibration

Quick with minimal downtime

Hydraulically operated cleaning heads means Osprey can deploy and evacuate an area in seconds, whilst the computer-controlled head allows the cleaning width to be adjusted from the cab.

  • Minimal runway down-time – deploys in under one minute
  • Fast operation time – linear system capable of 4000m2/hr
  • Reduced turnaround times – large tank capacities

Low whole-life cost

Osprey offers the lowest operating cost of any manufacturer, with deeper cleaning meaning longer times between operations, and no damage to the surface or lighting systems.

  • Minimal overlap and missed areas
  • Deeper clean means greater time between operations
  • Single operator capability
  • No damage to runways
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Built to last, with key components built with stainless steel

How it works – deep cleaning without damaging the surface

Schematic of Osprey runway rubber removal system
Clean water tank
Inlet water boost pump
Twin water filters
Ultra-high-pressure pump
Cleaning head
Debris tank
Vacuum pump

Osprey uses a Uraca ultra-high-pressure water pump which delivers water at up to 2,800 bar to the rotary cleaning head and delivers a laser like stream of water to the runway surface through high quality nozzle inserts. The rubber or paint is progressively removed from the surface as the jet head rotates and travels across the surface. Water and rubber is subsequently removed from the head under vacuum to the debris tank. We offer two types of cleaning methods with linear and lateral models.

The only manufacturer to offer linear and lateral systems

Linear units – fast solutions when regular and frequent runway access is possible

The Linear Osprey has a fixed cleaning head and is available in various widths up to 2000mm, allowing runway rubber removal at over 4000 m2/hr. Removable jet bars in the cleaning heads allows the operating width to be reduced for smaller areas e.g. line removal or cleaning.

Lateral units – variable width cleaning that reduces the need for frequent operations

The robotic Lateral Osprey operates with a more precise means by which rubber may be removed. It has a 300mm diameter head which moves across the front of the vehicle synchronized with the forward speed of the vehicle, allowing for milimeter-accurate variable width cleaning and causing no damage to the surface.

Key features

runway rubber removal vehicle
Insulated cabinet

Sound reduction, security and weather protection.

10 micron and 1 micron water filtration

Longer pump, nozzle and valve life.

Roller shutter doors

Lockable for security.

High visibility beacons

Compliant with airport regulations.

Easy width adjustment

Width adjustment of the rubber removal system from cabin.

Additional front work lights

Excellent night time visibility.

Multiple nozzles

Results in lower impact per nozzle and more gentle rubber / paint removal.

Small diameter removal head

Low surface impact.

Computer controlled rubber and paint removal

Accurate control of movement and overlap. Minimal human input.

Highly efficient vacuum system

1600m3/ hr, 200 mb vacuum. Maximum recovery of water and debris. No need for additional suction equipment.

Front mounted head

Better visibility

Road legal

No need to remove cleaning head for road transport

Rapid head adjustment

Adjustment from 300mm – 2200mm from within drivers cab. No tools required.

Lights and direction indicators visible with robot raised

No need to remove robot for road transport.

Standard road going chassis

Mass produced, available spare parts, easy maintenance.

Mechanical reduction gearbox

Simple operation. Minimal hydraulics. No possibility for oil leaks.

Side mounted work lights

Better night time visibility.

Motion control system

Ensures vehicle is moving before high pressure water is applied to the pavement surface. Zero possibility for damage.

Optional Multi-Surface Cleaning unit

Allows linear and lateral rubber / paint removal with one vehicle.

Vehicle drive via chassis wheels

Zero slippage and better speed control.

Modular stainless steel water and tipping debris tanks

Reduced surge for added safety and comfort when driving. Tipping debris tank for rapid turnaround times.

Stainless steel tanks

Pickle and passivation process increases corrosion resistance and life-span or equipment.

Filter Models

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Osprey LA2200 18T

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Osprey LA2200 33T

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Osprey LI750

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Osprey LI1000

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Osprey LI1500

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Osprey LI1800

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Osprey LI2000

Designed for busier airports with heavier rubber deposits and shorter cleaning periods.

Osprey LI3000

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Osprey LI4000

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